danielle mercer yoga pose stretch wedge

4 Yoga Poses to Try Out With the Stretch Wedge

The benefits of yoga are often underestimated. Ask any yogi or MMA athlete – they’ll tote yoga’s strength, agility, flexibility, muscle tone, balance and stress benefits. Yoga is an ancient practice that’s on the rise.  You can catch pro and college athletes slipping yoga poses into their routine.  


There is an incredibly wide range of yoga poses – making it the perfect workout for beginners to the more advanced. Whether you seek to touch your toes or do a handstand, it’s imperative to have a solid foundation to work with as you guide your body into a range of intricate poses. With the Stretch Wedge, you can master any yoga pose quicker and safer. The possibilities are endless.


Designed with getting your deepest stretch in mind, the Stretch Wedge is contoured to your hands and feet and supported with Wedge Effect’s patented non-slip grip, helping to achieve more balance and stability than an ordinary yoga block.


With the Stretch Wedge, you can be extraordinary. Here are four poses that the Stretch Wedge is sure to improve:

Downward-facing dog

By placing the Wedges under your feet, you’re sure to add an extra ounce of stretch to your lower body. This essentially eliminates the strain on your hands – allowing you to focus on getting a deeper stretch and keep proper form. With your heels elevated, you can activate your hamstrings, glutes, and calves more during this essential yoga pose.

Extended side angle pose

In this variation, you place your hand on a Stretch Wedge placed outside your foot. This provides all the more stability and balance to this beginner yoga move. By holding on to the Stretch Wedge, you can focus on strengthening each quadriceps muscle and your core – rather than expending all your energy into keeping your balance.


One-legged wheel pose

The Stretch Wedge can aid even the more advanced poses, like the one-legged wheel pose. This yoga pose is heavily arm and hip-based, so the Stretch Wedge assists in sculpting your arms during this particular pose. By providing a comfortable foundation for your wrists, the Stretch Wedge relieves pressure and enhances the stretch in your arms.

Crow pose

For this incredible full-body workout, the Stretch Wedge can be an immense help. This yoga pose can be more risky without props, since your hands and wrists weren’t built to balance your body weight. However, the Stretch Wedge is. Designed with a patented non-slip grip, the Stretch Wedge won’t budge at a slight incorrect movement. Your core, legs, and arms will all be able to show off their strength with this support system.




Yoga is not easy – but it’s a little easier with some help. The Stretch Wedge along with other yoga props of your choice can you flourish in new yoga poses as well as make impactful tweaks in familiar ones. Its’ unique contour is physio-engineered to keep your wrists and feet in natural, safe positions all while providing a stable foundation to fall back on. You can get the Stretch Wedge here today to try out the most advanced, effective yoga prop of its kind.


The Stretch Wedge has been featured on national television and the world’s largest yoga stages from Los Angeles to Miami.