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Workout Wedges Appear On CTV

The Wedge Effect isn’t just booming in the U.S., but north of the border, too. The Workout Wedges made their latest big screen appearance last week on Your Morning, a popular Canadian morning show.


Fitness expert Heather-Wilson Philips used the segment to demonstrate a simple, yet effective full-body workout using her latest “addiction” – Workout Wedges. Alongside host Kelsey McEwen, Philips ran through some basic exercises that the Workout Wedges take to a new level.


Squats with Workout Wedges

The first exercise the duo walked through were classic squats. After comparing the floor and the Wedges, Philips showed that the Wedges allow you to get squat deeper. This creates more muscle activation.


“One of the bonuses of the Workout Wedges is that your heels are elevated, and you need that to get your glutes activated,” Philips said. “Your hamstrings, your glutes, your quads… everything is being worked.”


After completing her first few elevated squats on the Wedges, McEwan noticed the difference immediately. It only took a handful of squats for McEwan to notice she was “way more stable” than on on the floor.


Core workouts

After finishing lower body, Philips added some core into the mix with planks and sit-ups. For the planking portion, Philips showed McEwan that by placing your forearms on the Wedges, it alleviates wrist pain and “protects your elbows.” By using the Workout Wedges, Philips said it virtually eliminates the shakiness from being flat on the mat.

For the sit-ups portion, Philips and McEwan did a ‘dead bug’ sit-up variation laying their backs on the Wedges, and reaching up to touch their corresponding toes.


“You feel right away that your abs are being isolated because of that incline,” Philips said.



Push-ups with Workout Wedges

Finally, the team tackled how to do push-ups with the Wedges. Similarly to planks, McEwan noticed that utilizing the Wedges made staple exercises like push-ups much easier on her body.


McEwan complained that one her biggest problems with push-ups was the inevitable strain on her wrist. With the Workout Wedges, the days of strain are gone.  Not only do the Workout Wedges minimize pain, they maximize the workout. During her push-ups, McEwan said that because she was more elevated, she got a better chest workout.



With a pair of Wedges, you’re free to customize your own full-body workout on the go or at the gym. For more full-body workout inspiration using the Workout Wedges and more Wedge Effect products, check out over 100 Ways to Wedge.