Wedge Effect Oxygen Magazine

Workout Wedge featured in Oxygen Magazine

Check out our latest feature of the Workout Wedge by Oxygen Magazine, one of the leading fitness, nutrition, and wellness resources for women.

Heather Wilson-Phillips, an on-air fitness and nutrition expert and group fitness instructor, took to the magazine’s website last week and explained in this article why the Workout Wedges are her go-to equipment for building her glutes.

“The elevation and non-slip surface combination allow you to not only feel safe but also to push through your heels more effectively. When you’re able to push through your heels, this allows for better glute activation in every exercise,” Wilson-Phillips said. “With better glute activation, your glutes will respond and shape up in all the right places, and that’s the overall goal, right?”

She also attached a glute workout using unique combinations of the Workout Wedges and dumbbells that could be done by anyone, anywhere. The workout includes these five elevated exercises that the Workout Wedge is sure to enhance during your next leg circuit:

  • Elevated Single-Leg Glute Bridge
  • Elevated Goblet Squat
  • Elevated Single-Leg Deadlift
  • Elevated Lunge
  • Elevated Step-Up


Wilson-Phillips included photos and instructions to go along with each exercise to ensure that you get the most glute activation in each and every rep. She has previously promoted the results of the Workout Wedge on the Marilyn Denis Show, which you can read more about here.

With the Workout Wedge you can easily target whichever leg muscles you’re trying to tone. Using Athos Technology, we found that the Workout Wedges engage your muscles up to twice as much vs. movement alone – which was most prominent within the quads and glutes. The simple addition of the wedges in your everyday leg exercises like squats and lunges can score you more results in less time.

To elevate your next workout, pick up your own pair of Workout Wedges here. The Workout Wedge isn’t just limited to staple exercises – the simplicity gives you so much room for creativity. Check out over 100 Ways to Wedge for all the possibilities.