Wedge Effect is now International

Wedge Effect Signs Deal Abroad

Wedge Effect has signed deals to implement ‘Wedge Workout’ classes with major gym chains across the USA, and expand to Australia, Japan, Canada and Brazil with interest mounting.

The annual IDEA Fit exhibition was held in Las Vegas over 3 days during July 21-23 of this year. For over 35 years, IDEA has set the standard for the industry by providing the world’s best practical fitness education, newest programs, trends, and research.

Passionate individuals from all intersections of fitness and wellness converged in one location to find new ways to lead their communities toward greater health and happiness. This year, over 10,000 personal trainers, group fitness instructors, club and studio owners and managers, mind-body professionals and nutrition professionals from over 60 countries came together to discover the tools and strategies necessary to truly affect global change for years to come.

Wedge Effect was one of the standout companies at the IDEA Fit 2017 convention, providing workshops, workouts, and lectures on the multi-benefits of the Wedge Effect range.

Combining physiology and engineering, the Wedge Effect is the most advanced workout tool of its kind. Taking fitness health to an entirely new level, this product helps to maximize form and mobility while virtually eliminating the chance for injury that other products or improper form can cause.

This innovative patented product is scientifically proven, using the latest Athos Technology. Results show up to an 88% increase in muscle activation which allows the user to achieve quicker results and a reduction in strain.

There’s no wonder why the Workout Wedge is increasing in popularity across America and sweeping fitness clubs with the popular “Wedge Workout” classes. So much interest has been generated, Wedge Effect is now signing deals with Japan, Australia, Brazil and expanding to Canada.

Inventor and Founder of Wedge Effect, Mark Drucker explained “the body isn’t supposed to absorb so much force in volatile joints of the body, such as wrists and ankles. The Stretch Wedge and Workout Wedge alleviate and redistribute that force, reducing strain and you can actually focus on working out properly…. You will feel the difference instantly.”

Wedge Effect products are available for sale starting at $39.99 with Flat Rate Shipping.