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Wedge Effect Selected as Sole Fitness Product Launch of 2018 by As Seen On TV

Wedge Effect is honored to be the sole fitness product selected by Kevin Harrington and his team to launch on As Seen on TV for 2018!


Mark Drucker, founder of Wedge Effect, met with Harrington, the As Seen On TV executive team and major retailers to present the science behind Wedge Effect’s dynamic edge over traditional workout bricks and blocks.


The Reason


Harrington, an original Shark from Shark Tank and creator of, said the driving factor for the decision was the “built-in floor” that provided unparalleled safety by eliminating the risk of slipping on any surface indoors and out. Laminate, wood, tile, cement, grass, or carpet –  Wedge Effect’s patented non-slip grip allows users to work out safely on any surface indoors or out.


Wedge Effect is the brainchild of the latest physiology and engineering research. With its cushioned exterior and patent-pending non-slip bottom, this fitness technology will provide you with the safest workout experience. The Wedges are designed to maximize your mobility while maintaining your proper form for whatever way you choose to Wedge. You can zone in on your workout without the worry of injury to hold you back.


Another key element in Harrington’s decision was the results from the scientific testing using Athos technology. On any surface you choose, the Wedge Effect is proven to enhance many staple exercises, like squats and lunges. The testing showed that using the Workout Wedges enhanced muscle engagement in leg-explosive exercises and reduced muscle strain in joints like wrists and ankles during stationary exercises from planks to step up pushups. The data proves that Wedge Effect effectively produces more results from your workouts.


What’s Next?


The Stretch Wedge and Workout Wedge will soon be featured in nationally-run As Seen On TV commercials on your favorite networks including CNN, Bravo, O, VH1, Telemundo, TBS, Lifetime, HLN, and more.

Professionals from all walks of fitness, including certified international yoga instructors & personal trainers to Zumba instructors, have heralded the benefits of Wedge Effect. After testing the products on athletes with a spectrum of fitness goals, strength and yoga coaches alike have come to the conclusion that Wedge Effect is certainly a beneficial tool for any fitness enthusiast to have around. Men, women, beginners, professional athletes and workout warriors – there’s no group the Wedge Effect can’t help take their exercise to the next level.


Watch this summer for the As Seen On TV campaign launch on television. The excitement doesn’t stop there – also keep an eye out on our social media for an exciting video series for core, glutes, legs, abs, upper-body, and total-body workouts.


See why Harrington and certified personal trainers are all showing support for the Wedge Effect on our website. Want to train your muscles on a level they’ve never experienced before? Get your own Wedge here.