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Tuesday Wedge Workout

Tuesday Wedge Workout

In today’s workout, we are giving the chest a workout, as well as shoulders, arms and a little back. Remember to focus on lifting technique rather than the amount of weight you have, for an effective workout.

Tuesday Wedge Workout:

x20 Incline Dumbbell ( Hammer Grip ) Chest press  4 x 15
x20 Incline Dumbbell Flys 4 x 15
x20 Flat Bench – Single Arm, Dumbbell Chest Press 4 x15 ea
x20 Dumbbell Flat Bench Snow Angels 3 x 15
x20 Dead stop Lawnmower w/ Tricep Kickback 4 x 15 ea


Complete 3 Rounds in under (35) minutes for Maximum Results!

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