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Thursday Wedge Workout

Thursday Wedge Workout
Handy tip: If you don’t have a dumbbell, feel free to substitute with another form of weight. Be creative- you could use soup cans, drink bottles, a ball, a mop handle, or anything else lying around the home.

Thursday Wedge Workout:

x40 Seal Push-Ups
x40 Superman Back Extensions
x40 Pulse Row
15 x 4 Dumbbell Lateral Pullover (bent elbow)
15 x 4 Dumbbell Reverse Grip Lateral Row
15 x 4 Dumbbell Flat Bench Reverse Fly
15 x 4 Dumbbell Incline High Trap Row
15 x 3 Dumbbell Incline Reverse Snow Angles
15 x 3 Single Arm Reverse Hammer Flys


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