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Benefits of Proper Form and How to Maintain It

Bad habits are hard to break, but proper form is easy to keep with the Workout Wedge. With an endless flow of new and extravagant methods – nothing beats proper mechanics.


Just like there are a million ways to do the same thing right, there’s an equal number of ways to get it wrong. With any exercise, it should be a top priority to nail the basics down – especially if you want to get results.


Here are just a handful of reasons why it’s worth taking a step back to reevaluate your form:


Reduce injury

The phrase ‘no pain, no gain’ couldn’t be farther from the truth. From the simplest exercise to the most complex compound movements, your muscles are under a great deal of stress. Healthy stress – but stress nonetheless. Just one minor mishap can pull, strain, or even tear your muscles. For example, one of the most common downfalls in squats is when the heels come up without support. This creates less mobility in your ankles and less stability in your toes – and just a few inches with your heels off the ground can cause a major injury that can be avoided if you have the proper tools. The Workout Wedge is precisely engineered with the ideal angles for heels providing both a stable platform and ensuring proper form. When combined with the patented Wedge Effect non-slip base — prepare to squat deep!

Maximize your workout

An exercise may get your sweat on and feel challenging but in actuality, you may be working everything else but your intended muscle(s). By relieving your spine and joints, your routine can efficiently take its course and get you closer to your goals. Muscle targeting is a benefit that accompanies proper technique. Another common exercise that people get wrong too often is mountain climbers. Instead of channeling all their effort into their core, many people end up flailing their legs and lower body to compensate for the loaded amount of action. Not only does this place strain on your shoulders, elbows, and wrists – you’re skipping over the actual core workout. Both the Stretch Wedge and the Workout Wedge can help you alleviate stress from your arms and joints by providing a secure foundation for mountain climbers and a variety of floor exercises.

Correct your breathing

Muscle injuries aren’t the only consequence of bad form – so are cardiovascular and blood pressure problems. When you lift correctly, it’s easier to breathe – which allows you to better focus on the task at hand. When your breathing pattern is distracted by bad form, it can cause a “rapid and dramatic” increase in blood pressure according to Livestrong, which is bad news for people with cardiovascular issues.


How to keep proper form

Since maintaining good form is a necessity for an effective workout, here are a few solutions to keep in mind for your next workout:


  • Lower the weight. Dropping down the weight is nothing to be afraid of. Bad form is often a result of compensating for a weight that’s too heavy. Decrease your weights by increments of five to find the maximum weight that doesn’t sacrifice technique.
  • Use props. Supporting your body with props is an easy fix to almost any technical issue that isn’t too drastic. By placing Workout Wedges under your hands during push-ups, you can drastically reduce back and wrist train with the product’s physio-engineered angles. Similarly, yoga balls can assist with core exercises like sit-ups by providing back support.
  • Get a trainer. Having someone to keep an eye out for any flukes in your room and teach you along the way can save you from developing bad habits.


Before you pick up a weight of any kind, it’s important to know how to perform the exercises on your to-do list. If something hurts, put it on hold and revisit it once you’ve done your research. You can look up videos on Wedge Effect’s Youtube channel to see some demos of popular exercises from professional athletes and certified trainers.

Enhance your form in time for your next gym session by grabbing a pair of Workout Wedges today. WIth the Workout Wedge, you can focus on proper form and target your muscles to maximize your results.