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Wedge Ledges Back in Stock for Plyometrics and More

During Wedge Effect’s unanticipated six week sellout, the Wedge Ledges earned the title of ‘#1 Selling Product for Jump Trainers’ on Amazon. Due to the high demand from plyometrics fans, the Wedge Ledges are back!


After a brief hiatus, the Wedge Ledges are now available on our website and Amazon. Discover for yourself why athletes, trainers and fitness enthusiasts across the globe rushed to get their hands (and feet) on a set of Wedge Ledges. Here’s an overview of why our versatile ledges are taking over the functional fitness, HIIT, and plyometrics scene at gyms, parks and homes everywhere:


What are the Wedge Ledges?

The Wedge Ledge set entails four square non-slip ledges designed to securely stack on top of each other. They’re incredibly versatile and durable while being easily portable due to their lightweight material. Becoming a hit in the fitness world, the Wedge Ledges were meticulously physio-engineered by founder and engineer Mark Drucker. He implemented the famed concept of ‘less is more,’ and developed a seemingly simple yet universal workout tool unlike any other. An exclusive key feature of the Wedge Ledges is the patented non-slip grip bottom, which holds the Ledges to the floor and to one another. That’s what makes this product unique from any other plyometrics trainer on the market – while other products slip, the Wedge Ledges do not — on wood, tile, asphalt, essentially any type of surface.


Although there are products on the market that are sturdy and durable, they’re often clunky and heavy. Drucker combined traditional plyometrics boxes’ sturdiness with smaller fitness equipment portability for the ultimate on-the-go fitness tool. They’re made of lightweight dense foam for easy travel anywhere you want to workout. You can carry 1-2 for footwork, arms or lighter drills or all four for more advanced exercises like box jumps. For more ideas for Wedge Ledge workouts, check out this full-body HIIT workout.


Are the Wedge Ledges just for plyometrics?

Not at all. Use them for tricep dips, mountain climbers, split squats, and so much more. Bring them along for upper body training, lower body exercises, and core work. Their minimalistic and versatile design gives you worlds of room to get creative with your workout. The most innovative workout tool of its kind is adjustable to your experience level and physical needs.


Whatever workout you choose to use them for, the Wedge Ledges are guaranteed to amplify your workouts like never before. Even though they’re usable for an infinite number of workouts, Wedge Ledges and plyometrics go together perfectly. With the Wedge Ledges, you can zero in on your plyometrics technique without the risk of slipping or tipping.

It’s time to take control of your fitness journey. Join this global phenomenon as Wedge Effect shapes the portable fitness equipment industry by introducing unmatched standards of safety and efficiency. The Wedge Ledges are available on the Wedge Effect website and Amazon for U.S. and international orders. Get yours today, and show off your exercises tagging #100WaysToWedge on Instagram or Facebook!