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Wedge Effect Athlete Modern Tarzan Finishes Second on American Ninja Warrior Qualifiers

Celebrity Wedge Effect contributor Modern Tarzan (a.k.a. Nicholas Coolridge) left his heart out on the course on last week’s American Ninja Warrior Los Angeles semifinals.

Top athletes showed off their strength and agility in the Jurrasic Park-themed obstacle course. As a result of an incredible run, Coolridge finished in second place out of 30 contestants. Because he clocked in at an impressive 3:07.73, the acro-yogi will compete at the Las Vegas finals.


Coolridge is no stranger to finishing American Ninja Warrior courses. The veteran competitor was the sole ninja to finish the Venice finals in 2015.

His skills and dedication combined with his electric attitude led him to coin the nickname “Modern Tarzan.” His mesmerizing parkour and acro movements have taken the social media world by storm. He’s a social media sensation for acroyoga, often stunting with his partner Dana a.k.a Acro Sprout and acro yoga colleagues. 

Tools Used by Modern Tarzanmodern tarzan

Coolridge is an outspoken advocate of the Stretch Wedge for his training. They’re useful for many aspects of yoga, but especially for one of the staple acro moves: handstands.


“Although my wrists feel strong, they’re not that flexible,” Coolridge admitted on an Instagram post. “But when I use these Wedge Effect blocks, I’ve noticed I can hit a straight line since it takes some stress of my wrists!” He demonstrated Wedge Effect’s patented non-slip bottom in other posts using split hand handstands (known as the “Inverted Iron Cross”), the “Zombie Press” and “Flip Jump” handstands.


Because it’s designed to support and enhance over 100 yoga poses, the Stretch Wedge is an essential asset. Whether you’re a beginner or practicing acroyoga like Modern Tarzan, the Stretch Wedge can help anyone on their yoga journey. He’s not the only experienced yogi taking advantage of the Stretch Wedge – there’s also renowned yoga instructors, Danielle Mercer, Salila Thuy, and Fern Conn (featured instructors at the Fort Lauderdale Yoga Expo).


Next, be sure to catch Modern Tarzan’s next American Ninja Warrior challenge in Las Vegas for the finals.


For anyone looking to sharpen up their poses, the Stretch Wedges can help you by taking away nearly all the strain from your wrists, back and elbows, and deepening the stretch. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for hundreds of videos to inspire and perfect your form. Watch for more of Modern Tarzan’s latest feats on Instagram and our blog post on poses for creative ways to use the Wedges.

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