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The College Student’s Ultimate Dorm Gym For Under $200

Building a home gym in the dorm

When you’re a full-time college student, it seems like there’s never enough hours in the day. With looming deadlines and constant commutes, carving out time to drive to and from the gym every day becomes a challenge. Wedge Effect makes it possible for every college student to have their own home gym.


We know that nearly every college student follows a strict budget. The good news is: you can build a home gym equipped for full-body workouts for less than $200.


Building a home gym or dorm gym isn’t as intimidating (or expensive) as it may seem. Here’s some affordable and effective equipment to lift your dream home gym dreams off the ground:


1) Workout Wedges: $34.99

Your home gym isn’t complete without a set of Workout Wedges. These fitness wedges elevate your surface in a way that engages your muscles more than a flat surface, including your slippery hardwood dorm floor. Their non-slip grip ensures that you’ll be supported throughout your entire workout. Whether your home gym surface is wood, concrete, brick, carpet or tile – Workout Wedges will help maximize your workout and reduce the risk of injury. Try out our favorite exercises on them:

    • Lunges (Lower Body)
    • Push-Ups (Arms & Upper Body)
    • Planks (Core)
    • Crunches (Core)
    • Mountain Climbers (Full Body)


2) Kettlebell: $18.99

Kettlebells are incredibly versatile – even if you only have one. Because of their unique grip, you can get more total body exercises out of them. Rather than be limited to stationary dumbbell lifts – try out some of these compound kettlebell exercises:

  • Single-Arm Snatches (Full Body)
  • Kettlebell Swings (Full Body)
  • Kettlebell Double-Arm Rows (Upper Body)
  • Goblet Squats (Lower Body)


3) Wedge Ledges: $79.99

The Wedge Ledges are capable of giving you the best plyometrics workout possible in a tight space. You can easily adjust this set of four lightweight, sturdy foam boxes to increase or decrease the difficulty level. Like the Workout Wedges, they’re equipped with a non-slip grip that is perfect for dynamic exercises like box jumps. Not only can you do plyometrics, you can use them for a spectrum of exercises. Check out some popular Wedge Ledge uses:

  • Decline Push-Ups (Upper Body)
  • Box Jumps (Lower Body)
  • Tricep Extensions (Upper Body)
  • Standing Oblique Crunches (Full Body)


4) Jump Rope: $8.99

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get your cardio in. Besides, dorms don’t have enough space for that. Leave the treadmill and elliptical for your conventional gym. Instead, a simple jump rope can suffice as your cardio during your next HIIT workout. Your heart rate will soar after a minute of straight jumping, or aim for 100 jumps per circuit.


5) Resistance Bands: $14.95 or less

A resistance band set with a wide difficulty range will make the perfect addition to your     home gym. On one end of the spectrum, use them to stretch – and on the other, use them for strength training. Strength training has been proven to increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis, studies show. You don’t need much space for resistance bands, making them perfect for your dorm. Here are some workouts you can include in your home gym with resistance bands:

  • Lateral Band Walk (Lower Body)
  • Squats (Lower Body)
  • Lying Pullovers (Upper Body)
  • Lateral Raise (Upper Body)


6) Medicine Ball: $22.88 or less

Medicine balls are one of the most simple pieces of fitness equipment, making then one of the most versatile. They come in various weights to add to your workout. Whether you’re working your upper body, lower body, or core – there’s a medicine ball exercise for it. They won’t take up much space in storage, no matter how small your dorm may seem. Here are some essential medicine ball exercises for your next home gym workout:

  • Weighted Superman (Core)
  • Russian Twist (Core)
  • Ball Slams (Full Body)
  • Pistol Squats (Lower Body)


7) Yoga Mat: $15

 Living with roommates means your floor can get messy pretty quick. To stay comfortable and sanitary during your workout, a yoga mat is useful.

And your grand total for your home gym is only $195.79! Improving your life and fitness routine doesn’t have to be expensive if you make the right investments. Having a home gym in your dorm is convenient on those days where responsibilities and assignments keep piling on. Your gym membership offers you resources and community, while your home gym offers you freedom and privacy. With these recommendations, you can achieve your goals with a busy schedule while on a budget. Check out Wedge Effect for more must-have fitness props and workout ideas.