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5 Tips for a Healthy Vacation This Summer

Vacation doesn’t have to mean skipping out on your workouts. With a plan in mind, you can get a taste of the local cuisine, rest, explore, relax, and still have a healthy vacation.


Of course, foreign flavor is part of the vacation experience. But there’s a smart way to splurge, so here are some tips for a healthy vacation:


Plan meals ahead of time

Before you head off for your daily adventure at your destination, planning your food ahead of time can save up to hundreds of calories. A healthy vacation doesn’t mean take hours to meal prep plates of chicken and broccoli – it just means research. Restaurants with over 20 locations are required by the FDA to post calorie and nutritional content on their websites. That means you can accurately track your calories for the day and stay relatively on track. With fitness apps like MyFitnessPal, you will find the exact macros for most restaurants.


Pack fitness props

Most major hotels provide a ‘gym’ – however, some are more extravagant than others. Some gyms provide dumbbells, machines, squat racks, and more – while others are basically a closet space with a treadmill. That’s why packing Workout Wedges or Wedge Ledges gives you a more thorough workout than the gym alone.  Having fitness props can expand your workout possibilities to HIIT, plyometrics, or yoga to give you a dynamic workout on the road. Workout Wedges are lightweight and portable fitness, easy to fit into your suitcase, gym bag or carry on, so you can be active wherever your wanderlust takes you.healthy vacation


Drink smart for a healthy vacation

On a trip that you’re probably in a calorie surplus – it’s important to be aware of calories from drinks. Calorie-free drinks like black coffee and water should be your go-to’s for a healthy vacation if you’re looking to not go overboard. Alcohol and sugary drinks are sneaky calorie sources that can be easily avoided, (or minimized). Staying hydrated helps curb your appetite – especially before a meal. Drinking two cups of water before a meal can help you eat less while still feeling full, which comes in handy when faced with huge restaurant portions.


Take active outings

Ready to hike the trails of the Smoky Mountains or kayak the waters of the Pacific? Great! But if you’re city-bound, consider ditching the car and getting some steps in. If you’re in a big city, skip the uber and walk. Walking can burn anywhere from 65-100 calories per mile, depending on your weight. That’s not the only way to burn those cheat meal calories – many famous landmarks are often accompanied by active ways of getting there. For example, you can hike to the Hollywood sign or bike across The Golden Gate Bridge. Activities with lots of movement and challenges can end up being the most exciting ones. Make sure you stretch before.


Enjoy yourself

Above all else, enjoy yourself. Nobody said it wasn’t okay to try some deep dish in Chicago or beignets from New Orleans – because you absolutely should. Vacations are a time to let loose from work and take a break from your vigorous fitness routine. However, being health-conscious will help you eat all those fun foods while still getting your essential nutrients and exercise in.

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