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American Ninja Warrior Modern Tarzan Advances to National Finals

Nicholas Coolridge added on to his pile of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior accolades by completing the Los Angeles City Finals. Formally known as Modern Tarzan, the Wedge Effect athlete was one of nine ninjas to finish the course this week.


While 34 skilled athletes competed, Coolridge finished in second place with an impressive time of 6:10.92. Using his acrobatic skills, he conquered spinning bridges, mega walls, and swaying ladders. Coolridge’s hard work paid off, as it landed him a spot in the National Finals in Las Vegas.


This is only the latest of a long string of American Ninja Warrior feats. The longtime contestant was the sole ninja to complete the Venice Finals in 2015. When he’s not cruising through courses, Tarzan is probably doing acro-yoga with his partner, Sprout, in places across the world.


Behind the Scenes of American Ninja Warrior

Because of its non-slip grip and versatility, Coolridge’s favorite behind-the-scenes training tool is the Stretch Wedge. Some of Tarzan’s staple moves using Stretch Wedges are Zombie Presses, Inverted Iron Crosses, and handstands. Whatever intricate moves the acro yogi does, the Stretch Wedges ease strain and offer the utmost stability.


Modern Tarzan isn’t unique in his admiration for the Stretch Wedges. Because the Stretch Wedges provide support and remove strain from essential poses, other yoga icons like Danielle Mercer, Fern Conn, and Salila Thuy have heralded the Wedges.


The Stretch Wedges have been physio-engineered to benefit yogis and athletes alike in all their fitness endeavors. Whether it be assisting with one of Tarzan’s complex Zombie Presses or a simple downward dog, the Stretch Wedges opens doors to countless possibilities. The non-slip grip will allow you to experiment with new and challenging poses without the worry of slipping.


How to Use the Stretch Wedge

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